Nanofluids Improve Efficiency of Heat Exchangers

News Date : 2016-07-20 Visit : 509

Iranian researchers produced some new type of nanofluids to improve efficiency of heat exchangers

TEHRAN (INIC)- Iranian researchers synthesized some new types of nanofluids to improve efficiency of heat exchangers.

Results of the research can be used in indirect pipes in gas and petroleum industries, petrochemical units, air conditioners, automotive and foodstuff.

Reduction in or optimization of energy consumption is very important nowadays due to the limited sources of fossil fuels. Therefore, heat exchanger designers believe that tiny changes can result in the reduction of the fuel consumption in these devices. The main objective of this research was to improve thermal-hydraulic efficiency of metallic nanofluids as the fluid used in heat exchangers with a spiral path.

In this research, the performance of three metallic nanofluids of copper/water, iron/water and silver/water was studied inside a stirring spiral heat exchanger, and it has been compared to behavior of water. The application of metallic nanoparticles in water significantly increases thermal conductivity and it improves the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Based on the test results, copper/water nanofluid has a better thermal efficiency in similar conditions in comparison with other fluids. Increasing stirrer speed also increases thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger too.

Results of the research have been published in Chemical Engineering Research and Design, vol. 109, 2016, pp. 53-64.