Organization of International Nanotechnology Olympiad Forum

News Date : 2016-05-13 Visit : 913

TEHRAN (INIC)-International Nanotechnology Olympiad will be held with the participation of representatives from Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan in Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council Office on 17 May 2016.

The need for the promotion of nanoscience and nanotechnology is inevitable amongst the new generation who are studying at university in the countries with national plan in the field of nanotechnology, and it has deniable effects on the future of development of human resources. Therefore, providing the required education and organization of standard scientific olympiads and contests can play important roles in this regard.

Taking into consideration the importance and effects of the organization of nanotechnology olympiad and the successful background of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) in this regard, the International Nanotechnology Olympiad Forum will be held in Iran in order to discuss the possibility of the establishment of International Nanotechnology Olympiad Organization (INO) to carry out the olympiad regularly at international level for the university students all over the world.

In the international forum, nanotechnology olympiad will be discussed from various points of view such as background, executive issues, and consequences.

It must be pointed out that authorities of nanotechnology national organizations in various countries, nanotechnology educational institutes, and Asia Nano Forum (ANF) members have been invited to the forum.

The scopes of the forum are as follows:

·         Exchange of experience between various countries in the organization of nanotechnology contests

·         Effects of giving motivations, training of talents, and improvement of educational standards

·         Effects of international and network cooperation

·         Various aspects of execution and formation of international strategic committee

·         Organization, method, and details of the olympiad

·         International nanotechnology olympiad framework

It must be pointed out that Iran has organized nanotechnology olympiads at national level since 2011. More than 6300 university students at B.Sc. level participated in the olympiad in 2015. Many of the participants became interested in pursuing their study and career in nanotechnology. Similar projects have been organized in other countries, and they will be introduced in the forum too.