New Method Invented in Iran to Produce Liquid Drops at Nanometric Scale

News Date : 2016-07-03 Visit : 1539

Iranian researchers found a new method to convert liquids into nano-droplets

TEHRAN (INIC)- Iranian researchers from Sharif University of Technology and Nano Pooshesh Felez Co. invented a new method to convert liquids into nano-droplets.

Droplets at nanometric scale have numerous applications in the production of chemicals and pharmaceutical industry.

Tubes with micrometric diameters are used in a number of industries such as chemicals and pharmaceutics to obtain specific applications. The liquid should not have any contact with the tube walls when it moves within the tubes because the contact results in reaction between the liquid and the tube wall, and the composition of the liquid may change. Therefore, it is necessary to find new approaches to float liquid droplets inside the tubes.

The existing methods to produce nanometric droplets have some limitations such as high pressure drop and uncontrollable size of droplets. Therefore, the aim of this research was to invent a new method to produce droplets at nanometric scale without the common limitations.

In addition to preventing the pressure drop, the method presented in this research decreases operation cost but increases the rate of the process.

In the new method, the primary produced droplets are converted into smaller droplets through successive T-shaped or Y-shaped tubes. Nanometric droplets are transferred into micrometric or nanometric tubes at the end of the path accompanied by another fluid to prevent them from chemical changes in composition. This method enables the adjustment of droplets' size as desired.