Nanotechnology Boosts Anticorrosion Resistance of Rustproof Agents

News Date : 2016-06-26 Visit : 575

Iranian researchers synthesized nanotechnology-based anticorrosive rustproof agent

TEHRAN (INIC)- Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology succeeded in the laboratorial production of a nanotechnology-based anticorrosive rustproof agent.

The product which can be used as an anticorrosive coating in building industry was produced in a joint research with Research and Development Section of an Iranian paint producing company.

Since corrosion is an automatic process, it leads to great economic loss annually across the world. In addition to financial damage, corrosion also results in fatal damage to humans. In general terms, the best and simplest method to increase resistance of metals against corrosion is to prevent the contact between the metal surface and the corrosive media.

Organic paints create a layer on the surface of metal, and prevent the surface to have contact with the corrosive media. However, these types of paints are permeable in the presence of some corrosive materials such as oxygen, humidity and ions. The presence of micrometric particles has somehow overcome the problem. Therefore, the aim of this research was to replace iron microparticles in alkyd based organic coatings with synthetic iron nanoparticles, and to study the change in the performance of anticorrosive properties of the coating.

The effect of iron nanoparticles was studied in this research on anticorrosive properties of alkyd-based coating. Since particles at nanometric scale are more capable than micrometric ones in filling the tiny pores in the surface of the coating, the presence of nanoparticles blocks the diffusion of corrosive agents. The nanoparticles are also able to improve mechanical structure of the polymer. The high ratio of surface to volume in nanoparticles results in the consumption of much less amount of nanoparticles in comparison with microparticles.

Researchers believe that the final cost of the product will be less than that of alkyd rustproof agents after the commercialization and mass production of the product.